Most Haunted Season 1 Episode 1
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Most Haunted Season 1 Episode 1

Most Haunted Season 1 Episode 1

Athelhampton Hall near Dorchester dates back to the Middle Ages and fell into disrepair as a tenant farm. It was then restored back to its original state by The Cooks who have lived there ever since. Once in the property, Derek connects with the spirit of a dead monkey, a pet of the previous inhabitants. Whilst walking around upstairs the crew all hear a cot rocking, but nobody is in the bedroom! The crew split into two groups and when the boys venture into the passageway where the monkey died, producer Karl feels something breathing on his ear… Meanwhile Yvette, director Bev and Jason keep a vigil next to the cot and catch orbs on camera.

Serie: Most Haunted

Episode Title: Athelhampton Hall

Air Date: 2002-05-25