Most Haunted Season 2 Episode 6
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Most Haunted Season 2 Episode 6

Most Haunted Season 2 Episode 6

Three locations, one investigation. The Heritage Centre, Laffertys Pub, and The Bell Inn give Derby a claim on the title of ’the most haunted city in Europe’. Bodies under the floor at the Heritage Centre; a skull – believed to belong to a murdered woman at Laffertys; and a room that no one will stay in at the Bell Inn, make this investigation one of the most challenging and frightening of the series. The Bell Inn is an old coaching inn. The building, built in 1680, retains much of its original features. Amongst reported sightings there is a Victorian lady in blue, a poltergeist who throws things around and a maid in 18th Century garb. The maid is said to have been murdered in 1745 and has been seen in the presence of children. The George Inn, now Lafferty’s, was one of the most famous coaching inns in Derby and was built around 1693. Over the years the inn hosted the Duke of Devonshire’s headquarters during the 1745 uprising, it has also been home to vet and dentist surgeries, the pos

Serie: Most Haunted

Episode Title: Lafferty's, Bell Inn and The Heritage Centre

Air Date: 2003-05-13