Most Haunted Season 4 Episode 11
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Most Haunted Season 4 Episode 11

Most Haunted Season 4 Episode 11

Description: The Brewery, Middleton Era: Cottages turned brewery, it is thought that the original brewery buildings date back to the 17th century, but the Deeds don’t shed any further light. They do, however, relate to a ””Greengate House”” being on the site in 1791. The buildings were bought from William Hilton, on the death of his father Thomas Hilton, who was a weaver. A manufacturer named John Lee bought the row of cottages in 1828 to set himself up as a brewer. About 175 years on, JW Lees & Co. is still going strong! Bloody history: – A number of workmen who died during the sinking of the brewery well in the 19th Century. – In the 1930’s, brewery supervisor went missing for days, he was eventually found curled up dead at the bottom of the well. This is separate from the death of the workmen who were building it. Ghost ratings: – A lady has been spotted sitting at the JW Lees Boardroom table, facing away from the table. – A woman in a long, brown dress has been glimpse

Serie: Most Haunted

Episode Title: Greengate Brewery

Air Date: 2004-06-01