Most Haunted Season 5 Episode 9
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Most Haunted Season 5 Episode 9

Most Haunted Season 5 Episode 9

Description: Ancient hall at one time used as an inn and school, now preserved by local trustees. The original building was constructed in 1325. History: – The first Hall was built by the D’Ewyas family on the bank of the River Ribble but this was destroyed by Robert The Bruce, following the battle of Bannockburn. – By 1325, the Great Hall of the present building was built by Gilbert de Southworth, husband of Alice D’Ewyas. – The West Wing of the house, the oriel bay and the screen were all later added by Thomas de Southworth (Gilbert’s great grandson). – Alas, the family fell into debt and Edward Southworth was forced to sell the Hall to Thomas Braddyll in March 1678. – Braddyll never lived there but removed all he could to enhance his own home at Conishead Priory, Ulverston. – Braddyll let the Hall to several families of hand loom weavers. As result, the hall became more and more dilapidated. – Between 1830-1846 Braddyll ran the Hall as an inn called the Bradyll Arms.

Serie: Most Haunted

Episode Title: Salmesbury Hall

Air Date: 2004-11-09