Star Trek: Short Treks
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Star Trek: Short Treks

Star Trek: Short Treks

A series of stand-alone short stories expanding Star Trek: Discovery and the Star Trek franchise.

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Star Trek: Short Treks 123movies review

The cast of Star Trek: Short Treks 123movies was as close as possible to the characters in the original narration, during the casting, the director got to the point.

I don`t know how to believe that the 2 of the season is over, for me it`s like losing close friends with whom I have been in contact for half my life.

6 episode - and after each one you fall in love with the series even more and more, you don`t even expect the ending, because you don`t want to say goodbye to the main characters at all.

The director relied on a star cast and did not lose, in the genre of the series does not just have its own kind in terms of high-quality acting.

Alex Kurtzman of Star Trek: Short Treks 123movies selected the most suitable cast of actors for the series, they are so organically reincarnated in their heroes that one can only admire.

The leaders of know a lot about the production of quality series, and this one was no exception, the multifaceted plot of the narration is very intriguing.

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Genre: Sci-Fi & FantasyStar Trek


TV Status: Returning Series

Duration: 15 min


TMDb: 6.2



Star Trek: Short Treks
Star Trek: Short Treks