Supermarket Secrets
Season 1
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Supermarket Secrets

Supermarket Secrets

Gregg Wallace goes behind the scenes with Britain’s biggest food retailers – across a year – to discover how they source, make and move the food we find on the supermarket shelves.

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Supermarket Secrets 123movies review

The amazing series Supermarket Secrets 123movies caused me only the warmest feelings, you readily believe and empathize with such heroes, expecting a positive outcome.

I don`t know how to believe that the 1 of the season is over, for me it`s like losing close friends with whom I have been in contact for half my life.

Interesting, exciting and unlike each other, the 1 series became a real discovery of the season for me, I watched them almost without interruption.

The director relied on a star cast and did not lose, in the genre of Documentary the series does not just have its own kind in terms of high-quality acting.

of Supermarket Secrets 123movies brought my favorite characters to life, creating a story so believable that I was absolutely delighted.

has a reputation for being one of the best in the industry, and this is once again confirmed by this beautiful series, becoming a true masterpiece in its genre.

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Genre: Documentary

TV Status: Returning Series

Duration: 40 min