The Watch
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The Watch

The Watch

A group of misfit cops rise up from decades of helplessness to save their corrupt city from catastrophe. Inspired by the characters created by Sir Terry Pratchett’s famous “Discworld” novels.

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The Watch 123movies review

The Watch 123movies is an ingeniously filmed series, the emotional intensity is off scale, the characters are charismatic and natural, a very unusual ending.

The series lasted 1 of the season, but you don`t feel it at all, such a dynamic development of the plot did not allow you to relax even for a few minutes.

I watched the 6 episodes in a few days, since I did not want to interrupt such a complicated story at all, I was looking forward to the end of the season.

The director relied on a star cast and did not lose, in the genre of Comedy the series does not just have its own kind in terms of high-quality acting.

of The Watch 123movies and this time managed to surprise me, the storyline in the finale did not lead to where I expected, very thoughtful work with details.

The leaders of BBC Studios, Narrativia know a lot about the production of quality series, and this one was no exception, the multifaceted plot of the narration is very intriguing.

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Genre: ComedySci-Fi & Fantasy

Studio: ,

TV Status: Returning Series

Duration: 44 min


TMDb: 10


Starring: Adam Hugill, Anna Chancellor, Hakeem Kae-Kazim, Ingrid Oliver, James Fleet, Jo Eaton-Kent, Lara Rossi, Marama Corlett, Richard Dormer, Sam Adewunmi,

The Watch
The Watch
The Watch
The Watch