Two Weeks to Live
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Two Weeks to Live

Two Weeks to Live

When strange young misfit Kim Noakes was just a little girl, her father died in murky circumstances and her mother Tina whisked her away to a remote rural life of seclusion and bizarre survival techniques. Now all grown up, Kim sets out into the real world for the first time to begin a secret mission of honouring her father’s memory.

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Two Weeks to Live 123movies review

I have long wanted to watch Two Weeks to Live 123movies and put it off all the time, very, very in vain, watching this series I did not waste a single minute in vain.

I don`t know how to believe that the 1 of the season is over, for me it`s like losing close friends with whom I have been in contact for half my life.

I highly recommend watching all the 6 episodes of my favorite series, the actors and the director have created such a successful tandem that the series has become a real masterpiece.

The director relied on a star cast and did not lose, in the genre of Adventure, Comedy the series does not just have its own kind in terms of high-quality acting.

of Two Weeks to Live 123movies knows his business and that says it all, in the series the characters are revealed from a side from which I never imagined seeing them.

Kudos shoots excellent serials, and this time everything is as always on top, I really liked this non-trivial story and the stellar cast of actors.

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Genre: AdventureComedy


TV Status: Returning Series

Duration: 30 min


TMDb: 10


Starring: Jason Flemyng, Kerry Howard, Maisie Williams, Mawaan Rizwan, Sean Knopp, Sian Clifford,

Two Weeks to Live